Submitting a Profile

Custom profiles may be submitted to Intelligent Hearing Systems for review. After the profile is approved for posting, the profile will be added to the profile list found here:

To submit a profile, write to, making sure to include the following items:

  • Profile Name: Name of the patient. This name will be added to the name of the profile listing.
  • Category: This could be the school name, or professor name. This name will be used to group profiles so they are easier to find.
  • Referral: This information will be added to the body of the post. It should contain information that includes the reasons for the virtual patient to be tested. This must be included in the email or inside the profile itself.
  • Pre-briefing: This information will be added to the body of the post, it should contain information that include what is expected to be done with this profile, the reasons to use it. The pre-briefing should not hint at any pathologies the profile is meant to simulate, especially if the profile is intended for testing students. If a prebriefing is not included in your email or profile, a generic description will be added by IHS.
  • Image Release: An image copyright release must be provided for any images included in your profile, including but not limited to patient portrait and otoscope images. If your profile includes a portrait of a real person, a Model Release must also be included. Profiles submitted without image releases will not be approved. For your convenience, here are links for a generic Model Release Form and Photo Copyright Release Form.
  • Profile file: don’t forget to attach the .PROF2 file in your email.

Intelligent Hearing Systems reserves the right to decline any profiles that do not meet community standards, or have missing information.