SmartVS version 1.05.50

Version 1.05.50 of the SmartVS Simulator has been released. This new version implements functionality to record Transient Evoked OAE using tones (stimulus-frequency,SFOAE). We have also made improvements and corrections
throughout the software and patient profiles.

To update your SmartVS installation, please complete the following steps:

  1. From the SmartVS launcher, click on [Help > Updates]. This will close the SmartVS windows and open the software update utility.
  2. In the Update Name field, make sure ‘SmartVSFeb2021Update.DAT.’ is entered (without the quotation marks)
  3. Click on the [Start Software Update] button at the bottom-left of the window. If you have previously updated SmartVS you will see a confirmation message that indicates when the program was last updated. Click [Yes] to continue with the update.
  4. Let the updater finish the download, then click on [Exit and Return to Application].


  • TrOAE acquisition using tone stimuli is now active.
  • Minor corrections to patient profiles